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30 €/month + 2 €/per month per employee (+VAT)


The application is hosted on the service provider’s server. To use StaffLogic, you will need a PC running Windows, and an Internet connection.


1280 €/month (+VAT)


The application is hosted on the company’s own servers. The minimum server requirements are Windows 2008 R2 and MS SQL Server. Server costs are covered by the company.

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Functionality Standard Extended
Unlimited users jah jah
Authentication via username/password jah jah
Version updates jah jah
Personnel management jah jah
Employee skills management jah jah
Work time scheduling jah jah
Work schedule printouts jah jah
Automatic scheduling jah jah
Pattern and work mode based scheduling jah jah
Time tracking and calculation jah jah
Support for tracking over a summary period jah jah
Schedule check based on labor law jah jah
Finding replacement employees for a shift jah jah
Calculating the employee’s personal work time norm based on workload, time off work and national holidays jah jah
All data can be exported in common formats (xls, pdf, doc, jpg, ...) jah jah
Vacation management, including creation of vacation schedules jah jah
Medical leave management jah jah
Training course management jah jah
Business trip management jah jah
Restriction management jah jah
Management of other time off work (such as health checks, unexplained absences, etc.) jah jah
Team-based management jah jah
Organizational hierarchy jah jah
Multiple language support: Estonian, Russian, English jah jah
Role- and privilege-based user management jah jah
Authentication via Active Directory, ID card jah
Employee import from Excel jah
Employee self-service. Tracking your own schedule and that of the department, submitting requests jah
Employee request management: vacations, sick leave, desirable shifts, restrictions (days on which the employee does not wish to be at work) jah
Prediction of business volumes based on analysis of prior periods – forecasting of call center and service center workloads jah
Business hours management. Minimum and maximum worker numbers jah
Event calendar, affecting the business volume predictions jah
Ability to order company-specific augmentations, including integration with physical access systems, existing HR and bookkeeping or other systems. Price by separate agreement. jah
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